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hi Martine
,,,, Firstly , thank you for your tireleless work in organising the ROSE`S W.G.W. ,,,
and also for bringing the above sorry situation to our attention ....

I fully agree with you Martine ,,
It seems that Jo , after many years of being responsible for the WGW`s very existance ,, has now been
undeservedly , shamefullt and shoddily treated in all this

I have attended the W.G.W. over many years now , and although I am well into Gothy things ,
the most positive aspect that I personaly find is the overall kaliedoscopic diversity ,
communial respect ., and general open friendlyness there ..
This no matter whatever the style people chose to dress in - genuine victoriana , , steam-punk , various military costumes ,
, couples in 40`s gear , science fiction outfits , pirates , t-girl , or average everyday clothes , etc , etc

As for the Pavillion bands , my personal musical outlook is , as diverse as the styles of dress there
Like many , I enjoy the more diverse live music , freely available every night of the week in various town venues
OK , -- although quite popular , having been once in to see the Pavillion bands ,
I would estimate that the crowd barely represented 25% of the die-hard purely goth section of the various
, more general WGW`goers ( ie; perhaps less than 6 8% in total , if that ? ? )

Bearing the points above in mind ,
I know why I love my WGW`s , and I know what weeks I will be booking
I most certainly shall , and would whol-heartedly recommend others to do likewise ,
- remain loyal to Jo`s weekend ,,

I am quite certain in doing this , that I shall enjoy the pleasure of meeting up again
with the familiar friends and faces , as per usual ,,,,,,

See you all at Jo`s weekend
stephie x x