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Unfortunately the organisers of the WGW do not announce dates for their events until the previous event which means we will not know the actual dates for the early WGW in 2019 until the next Halloween WGW has taken place (end of October 2018). This is most annoying, not just for us, but many others who need to plan ahead, arrange time off work, etc. but the WGW organisers steadfastly refuse to release dates earlier even though they must know them to book venues and performers for the event. For us, we really need to know the dates early so that we can book apartments for our group. If we wait until after the Halloween WGW it is likely we will not be able to get the apartments that we require as there is such a demand for accommodation at these events that it gets booked up very quickly. Those attending the Halloween WGW will get the news first and will be in pole position to book accommodation for the next event. Unfortunately it is not feasible for me to be there as the Dumbleton event is only days before the Halloween weekend.

So we have to make an assumption based on past experience and just hope we get it right. I got it wrong for the April WGW 2018 because I had guessed it would be the same weekend in April that it had been for the previous several years at least. However I now believe the rule is probably that the Spring WGW takes place the weekend before the early May Bank Holiday weekend. This rule fits the dates for recent years and accounts for the Spring WGW apparently moving on a week in 2018 because the early May Bank Holiday has moved on a week with the first of May falling on a Tuesday this year.

So on this basis I am provisionally planning our Rose's@WGW for the weekend of April 23rd-29th. The weekend before this is Easter but I believe the WGW organisers would wish to avoid this. (In 2017 Easter was also only two weeks before the early May Bank Holiday weekend and the Spring WGW took place in the weekend between.)